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1.If God exists ,where does he live?

We are living ,this itself means God lives. We cannot survive Without that which works beyond us.

But people preached us that God is a separate power living somewhere else. Try to understand beyond what was preached. The evidence for gods existence is you,  God is there where you are.

2. Is that the God or lord which they believe that it lives in temples?

One who lived to the fullest will be kept under the category of lord.-Thirukkural

Since It is a habit of humans to celebrate the best humans of the world, there are lords being worshiped now..By that, for ancient best humans, so called temples or worshiping places were built.

Those are lords in the temples. God is something which is always constant and always new.

God and lord are not same. 

3.If God created the earth, who or what created the god himself?

It is the specialty of the human animals, in researching what is the source of everything.

It is the special animal called human who keep on researching what is the source of everything.

Only this made him special out of all the creatures in the planet earth.Only that made him best of all the creatures in the planet earth.Something called I is the source of us. Knowing How it is ,is Wisdom.Because our source is the source of this planet earth too. 

4.Which is real renunciation?

Our state when we are sleeping is the real renunciation. That’s the state where our ego of I is left aside and we are in peace.  Only in that state Foul thoughts such as "Is my dress on my body?"," is everyone respecting me?","is my sleep disturbing others?" are reduced.

One who attains such a thoughtless mind state in consciousness is the real monk.

5.Why is the world continuously changing?

Change is only happening without any change. According to this the way of living of humans is not an exception. In today is world for a man to live with full satisfaction, it is necessary to be updated and be synchronized with that updated life.

6.If a man is living with discipline and is very loyal to himself ,then does he need God,lord,worship and spiritual exercises?

A Thief for justifying his guilt, says " I took over the things which were stock up, what is wrong in this" .A fool gives all the things got out of his workmanship to his boss and leaving his family members in starving by saying this is what god has summoned him to do. In both the cases, they both were loyal to themselves but can we accept that as correct?

Without self realizing ,one cannot live with discipline and loyalty. Inside me is god and who helps me for self realizing is lord.His preaching are spiritual exercises .if one understands this ,he or she does not need god, lord ,worship, and spiritual exercises.

7.How to identify a good master?

“Accepting something without an experience is not possible. It differs as per the kind of the one who experiences it. When one make us identify ourselves ,he or she  becomes our Master.

Some shining apples are sour. Hard custard apples are sweet .Until giving an experience, it’s not good to accept one as a Master.

8.What is fate?

Natures design  is fate.Sun rises in the east or East is the direction in which sun rises.

For every action there is some basic design .No one has the ability to change it.But we can understand it and get synchronized with it.

9.Is there a rebirth? If yes ,what for and why?

Its there just for our deep understanding.A soul gets generated ,after crossing many levels and full satisfaction within ,it gets back to its own source .

When it gets through its path ,it experiences life as per its deeds. Until it feels the ultimate completeness its desires are not fulfilled and its rebirth continues.

10.Those who are in the path of spirituality say not to eat non veg food.is that correct?

 As far as I know, Nothing is there with no spirituality. Which created tigers and lions ,created us too.

Human for expressing him as in higher state, says that he is in spiritual path. Also, he designs for him some rituals and life ethics. 

In fact Saivam ( veg )  means feeling that god is within me. Asaivam (non veg) means feeling that god is somewhere else. Veg and non veg in food eating is unnecessary. We can eat as per our likes and dislikes. Food is not which god had created for us.it is we who chose some among them for our need. whichever food it is, it lives only for its own regeneration and its we who eat them as food.

Intake of The food which can be digested, Intake of the quantity of food which can be digested is good. There is no intelligent than the body.

11. Food itself is medicine, medicine is food .Please explain this proverb?

Hungry is a disease happened to human. That is why food is medicine. Eating without hunger causes disease so medicine is the food. Eating after feeling hungry is the best practice.

12.The less we eat, the more is our health. Is that true?

Quantity differs from person to person. One who works more should eat more or eat rich food. If physical is less for a person ,for him its better to eat less.

13.Can we assume that whoever is rich are blessed by God?

 No things in this world can never be without the blessings of God. Everything in this world is made of Gods wish. Wealthy is for outside world. It is because of our ancestors saving habit or our hard work but also it is an individuals try that plays an important role. 

14. it’s there bad deeds and good deeds?

Whoever has the ability to classify and know ,has good deed and bad deed. Which how and why should I do something? After such questions, implementing actions after better understanding it is called good and bad deeds.

15. What’s the philosophy of Ganesha statue?


 To understand something correctly, we must have enough knowledge. Most of the people who come front to answer, does it only by the facts they heard. Experienced knowledge is very rare.

Usually Hinduism is with various idols.Ganesha is one of those.it is a map or a symbol only.temples are the places of making the devotee understand those symbols.

If keenly observed Ganesha statue can be understood. Also, new idols are sculpted by those who did not understand it. For example on recent times by making  Evil eyes Ganapthy idol ,they ruined its actual elegance.

Ganesha idol explains the yoga exercise by being the very first idol for the one who is in the path to reach god . Tusks strength is the source of elephant which means breathing is the source strength of humans. To make us understand this ,Ganesha was kept as Foremost lord. Also in which direction should the breathing be ,is explained by the bend of the tusk in it.

Also, secret explanations are there in it. Its ones wish to understand by ones own understanding.there is no Solution than experiencing the knowledge.

16. I hear that great souls are enlightened only after many accidents? Why is that so?

 For a man to get matured  ,gaining experiences is necessary.in that time he explores the exact nature of worries and finds ways to win them.

Likewise, many great souls  have come out but for all those worries they are responsible ,they know it only after coming out.

That is why good and bad are not given by others we say so. There is a chance of one who understands it and is about to preach  the techniques of submitting The ego known as "I"  to god ,coming out of his worries with help of his intelligence.

17. What shall we do the people who says the name of God and claims that they are God and do sexual harassment and gets caught red-handed.?

God is an experience. The qualification of experiencing it is not the for all the people. Moreover, we do not have correct understanding of what God is.those who explain it are not the people who experienced it.

Man believes that he can only fill him with the properties of lord. So he changes himself as a fool by just being slave to some of  those who attained higher state.

It is an individuals wish to think himself a preacher or a thief.following him is freedom of an individual. Even though when finding differences in words and deeds, criticizing happens.

In todays world criticism is not avoidable. It is not good to fight about it. Those who wanna feel the truth will try to understand anything in a calm state.

18.Who are Sidhars?

Sidhham means energy that human mind releases.  A clarity in thoughts. A person by his own thought making something happens. Gods Sidham ,is a word from our ancestors knowledge.  Those who utter unchangeable opinions are known as Sidhars.

19.What are the goodness of circumambulating a Giri or a hill?

Circumambulating is done by many people nowadays. the goodness of a walking exercise is same that we get in circumambulating a hill.      Really giri is Maraiporul (Secret ) .that is why they call it vedhagiri. Circumambulating vedhagiri is spirituality. Circumambulating just a hill is nothing but healthy exercise.
Otherwise, there is no chance of getting any spiritual experience in doing girivalam. Moreover, the crowd will make us stressed. 

20.Thavam, Dhyaanam what is the difference?

Thavam means living,  dhyaan means a doing Something in a particular time, particular place and in particular manner.

Those who do thavam does their karma, says by valluvar. So a life with devotion and with deep understanding is thavam life.

Dhyaanam is a try to know something. To achieve thoughtless mindset what we do is called dhyaan. That is concentrating on a particular object is also called dhyaan.

The seventh state of one who tries to acheive yog is known as dhyaan

Thavam is doing the correct deeds to complete this meaningful birth by managing the life in a better way.

21.Is that true? Cow has 108 lords within it?

Money makes many things. If you are aware of this then my answer will fulfill you. That is a word of mouth proverb spoken.

Once upon a time cow was used instead of money. That was why cow was the other name for property or wealth. So to make us understand cow also makes many things they said that there are 108 lords within it.

Otherwise, inside a cow no 108 lords live. 108 lords live because of cow. Get to know what is lord by reading the book "you are god".

22.One who is short tempered cant go to higher level or cant be enlightened, is it true?

 We cant say the exact meaning of anger. Generally words which are used to express our feelings are not actually sufficient.  Human has tried to express everything via words but it is not complete.

Anger is a basic feeling of human. It has been provided to all living creatures to safeguard them as a gift of nature.

Worms and ants bend because of anger. As per the level of brain, anger is expressed by all creatures.

Spirituality is a horse living with freedom. Moreover, it is not controlled by jockey but is synchronized with him. It is being in wisdom. When it is controlled by covering its eyes, it leaves its freedom and avoids synchronization. Likewise, when anger is preached as a wrong thing, a man destroys his nature. on the other way if he understands it and tries to manage it; with an impeccable unbanned mindset he becomes enlightened.

Anger is not a hindrance for spirituality but a spiritualist or a monk bypasses it and gets into cloud nine.

Hence, an enlightened gets very few situations to become angry, or he avoids the situation that will make him angry.

23.What should an individual do to live in peace and joy?

By being true to own self, one can be in peace. He who fulfills others needs to fulfill his own needs attains joy.hence those who be true lives in joy and peace. 

24.Why some people suffer from deadly diseases?

Karma, our past deeds are the only reason. But also, we can come over it. 

25.Why a man should respect another man? How does this started?

Man is special in respecting according to value. He had known the grade to respect things in olden days itself.

Is he right in his valuing? No. Even now he uses the same values in respecting humans according to their character. One who is true respects everything. One who learned respects things after a calculation. Respecting is human nature.

26.Ghosts,devils,monsters are there? Or not?

They are there. Mind without a body is ghost. Collapsed mind is devil, ghost if it attacks others it is devil.     Monsters means big. Earth, water, sky, fire and wind are big in this world. 

27.Monk is a word which in todays society lost its respect. Originally who is a monk?

Some people are identified by some words. The worst deeds of those people ruin those words too.

In fact monk is one who has got answers for the question "what is our ultimate source?"

28.What is the difference between Gnyaani and yogi?

Gnyaanam means wisdom. Yogam means mating. Gnyaani feels it by the wisdom.

Yogi enjoys by mating with his source.  He enjoys by attaining the originality of the source. This kind of happening is called yogam. This can also be called enlightening because crossing the wisdom happens in it. 

29.Many people claims that they have felt god. Originally how can we find such a person?

It is tough to find the truth if someone tells a lie that he is in love. We can guess by the symptoms if we have experience in it but also its tough to understand completely

Anyone can say that he felt god. One does not need identity for feeling god.

But gnyaani, yogi have identifications. Lords dont blink. Enlightened dont blink much. He hears a tune inside him always.  Thats why we call god as naathan which means "in the form of music".

Their Thought process gets reduced and they are always in a peaceful mindset without desires. Courageous and intelligent and best in criticism. On the other hand they are also elegant, natural and loves leading a common man is life..

Even though an enlightened person identifying another one like him is rare.

30.Can we accept someone who is dead as a Master?

Disciple be in a particular mind state. master passed through mind and be in silence. It is easy to learn and achieve the silence from one who is already experiencing it. 

Its not that easy, that one who is without a body helping you. Also its not easy to learn and experience  the experiences by his creations.

Living Master without creativity skills can help you better than the creations of master who is not alive.

If you can not get a living master then it is okay to follow the creations of some master who passed away. For that sufficient knowledge and enough patience are needed.

Generally it is not good to accept one who passed away as a master. How can you guide yourself when no rules and regulations help you. It depends on an individual is efficiency. 

31.Love and lust. Are they both same or one is hidden inside another?

Yes. Unlike other living organisms ,not only as a need, Man has got the ability to live with deeply sharing it.

That is why love with lust is called love and feelings on a poor is called mercy .likewise man differentiates love in various kind.

32.In the name God, starving and hurting own self, are these necessary?

These are the accidents done because of human is sixth sense. We preached god and we created rituals. God is not responsible for any of these. There are these arrangements just to punish ourselves for our own karma.

Necessary unnecessary is up to an individual is understanding. As far as I know it is unnecessary.