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                Upadesam (preaching) is an experienced guru (master) explaining about the truth to his disciple. At the same time,it is not preaching of a begotten fact which is not understood. Nowadays most people direct us to worship god without sufficient experience. God is something that is believed,thinks a brilliant. Priests , religious preachers, and second grade spiritual masters  function according to it.

To experience it ,A person who already experienced ultimate truth  is necessary. 

Tamil language is made by the people who knew the truth. That is why the structure of its words are naturally leading us to understand the truth .They named Koidha kani (in Tamil it means a fruit which is plucked) ‘Koyyaa kani’( Guava in English) (in Tamil it means a fruit which has not been plucked) by hiding the interest of knowing the truth. Similar words which are formed are as follows

Thulai illaa(with no pores) - Maathulai (in Tamil it means a big pore) ( Pomegranate in English). Vilangum (in Tamil it means ………...)- Vilaam Pazham ( wood apple in English ). Vaazha mudiyaadha (one which can’t live) – Vaazhai pazham (in Tamil it means fruit that lives)( Banana in English). Fruit that is small in size- Maam pazham  (in Tamil it means big fruit)(Mango in English).

Moreover, The Guru points out a place and asks to concentrate on it for which are these many names  of lords  ,caste names ,some districts’ names also refer to that place.


Valluvar refers the same as

Othathu arivan uyirvazhvan matraiyan
Setharul vaikka padum

Meaning is  “ Those who know god are those who live ,rest others are listed under deads” 

During Upadesham,  Guru Sivayogi  Aiya directly  preach you.

Three powerful yogic secrets `

- Meiporul upadesham

- Linga upadesham

- Brahmopadesham


Five vibrant meditation techniques

- Dakshan Yaga

- Wisdom bath

- Mantra try.

- Vowels recitation

- Yoga Nithra  

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