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Lovely hearts,

                We call  the confluence of energies ‘Sathsang’ .This is conducted on Sundays from 6 pm to 9 pm. It is structured as Sharing my experience,helping those who yearns for the experience,explaining the books of people who had got the experience.

                What is god?,How to reach it?,What does spirituality mean?,in the thought of helping in finding answers for questions like these ,many topics are being discussed.




At preset Sathsang directly conducted by Master Sivayogi on every Sunday between 6 PM to 9PM IST , Entry for sathsang is free and open for everyone who seeking for truth. Prgoram also live in youtube and facebook page , Deciples from various part of world will participate in live sathsangam.


Deciples are allowed to ask any questions to Master and Sathsang always starts with Question & Answer discussion, followed by mediation and a Philosophical song. After a tea break Guru Sivayogi will       give a lecture on particular topic.     This  help the deciples who practice the art of spiritual and self knowing yoga. It also helps in coming out of religious differences, knowing the truth,finding the answers for spiritual questions.


                Everyone can participate in Sathsang without any difference and can develop oneself.  This is beyond religion,community,race,and economic status.Those who can understand Tamil can participate.


                Atheists can utilize this to improve their inner abilities. For Theists ,to get thoughts beyond religion. Sathsang can be useful for those who think about eradicating differences in humans and to develop deep understanding  about it.


                Question and answers session is also there. You can clarify your doubts immediately.


To watch Sathsang speeches click on the link below



To those who come to Sathsang continuous for 12 Weeks , Upadesam -  spiritual guidance provided by  Master Sivayogi at free of cost.

To experience god in this birth itself, Raise all your spiritual questions and get cleared directly from living Enlightened master! Welcome Everyone! Entry Free!! Don’t miss this opportunity !!

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