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FORGET RELIGION!                                                              BRINGUP HUMANITY!


Welcome Everyone,


Enlightened master Sivayogi is the Founder of Yogakudil – Puthagaram Chennai, Tamilnadu, the place for someone who really seeking god and spiritual experiences. The real yoga class in Chennai.


Below are the programs conducted in Yogakudil and this page is to explain the activities of Yogakudil




            2.UPADESHAM (Preaching) and spiritual practice.

            3.HAPPY LIFE - Two days course

            4. Counselling on Relationship, Health  and Physiological advices.

            5. Time management.





At preset Sathsang directly conducted by Master Sivayogi on every Sunday between 6 PM to 9PM IST , Entry for sathsang is free and open for everyone who seeking for truth. Program also live in YouTube and facebook page , Disciples from various part of world will participate in live sathsang.

Disciples are allowed to ask any questions to Master and Sathsang always starts with Question & Answer discussion, followed by mediation and a Philosophical song. After a tea break Guru Sivayogi will    give a lecture on particular topic.       This  help the deciples who practice the art of spiritual and self knowing yoga. It also helps in coming out of religious differences, knowing the truth,finding the answers for spiritual questions.


            Everyone can participate in Sathsang without any difference and can develop oneself.  This is beyond religion,community,race,and economic status. Those who can understand Tamil can participate.


            Atheists can utilize this to improve their inner abilities. For Theists ,to get thoughts beyond religion. Sathsang can be useful for those who think about eradicating differences in humans and to develop deep understanding  about it.


            Question and answers session is also there. You can clarify your doubts immediately.


To watch Sathsang speeches click on the link below



To those who come to Sathsang continuous for 12 Weeks , Upadesham -  spiritual guidance provided by  Master Sivayogi at free of cost.




            Upadesham refers to something which is a companion to the body. It is divided into three yogic secrets such as

1.‘Meiporul Upadesham’ or ‘Thiruvadi Deekshai’

2. ‘Linga Upadesham’

3. ‘Pranava Mantra or Brahma Upadesham’


            Considering its holiness it is preached secretly and not in public.Deciples get Upadesham should not share the secrets to anyone until they get enlightenment experience. Master will guide more details during Upadesham . To know more information about this click on the link below



            Tamil tries to explain the meiporul in many its words. Murugan, Karumaari, Vinayagan, Velan, Parvati, Paarpan, Parayan, Mudhaliyan etc.., points out to the same thing. It is good that one explains it and another understands it


“Kallai pooti kadalil paaichinum nalla thunayaai nindra namachivaayamum indha meiporulae”


“Linga Upadesham” is something which is similar to the shape of germination of a seed that is inside us. By embracing it with our thought, we can postpone death. To explain this only we have been told about The Markandeyan Story.


            “Brahmopadesham” ,even today is asked to listen to in the rampart (wall) of Thiruchendur Temple. This is fictional story of Murugan preaching Shiva .



- Dakshan Yaga

- Wisdom bath

- Mantra try.

- Vowels recitation

- Yoga Nithra 


One hour required practicing everyday and above are five different powerful practices will be taught during Upadesham duration to learn all techniques is 3 hours. For this Fees will be INR 50,000 from April 2018. Master also wanted this to be reachable for everyone so he made way of getting this free if they ready for 12 weeks sathsangam continuously (weeks count may change in future)


It is necessary to keep secrets as secrets. After experiencing its complete benefits you can reveal it on your choice. By knowing the preaching and exercising regularly, the opening of third eye will happen within forty days. After that according to your inner abilities, suppression of five senses and resonance will be yours.


Body-mind health will grow, peace and joy will be present always. Those who are interested to get Upadesham and spiritual exercises can fix an appointment and come. For those who get it at free of cost ,they will be informed in Sathsang and will be taught.




            Happy life is a Life coaching  program directly from Master Sivayogi , the best personal coach and  well-developed sense of the challenges you’re facing, . It happens between 8 am and 8:30 pm. To know more information about this click on the link below



            This one day course is being taught for Rs.5000. Lunch , morning tea and evening tea will be provided.


            The aim of the course is to answer various questions like “Who am I? , How should have the earth be formed? What is God? How to live?” etc.., to get peace and joy with deep understanding.


            Currently it is conducted only in Chennai. Participants should come at 7:50 am. If possible it is good to reserve the seat earlier.


            It paves the way for getting rid of confusion and unnecessary sorrow and to get FREEDOM and lead a joyful life. People who are interested can come.



4. Counseling:


            Those who need advices on situation of your family, Bodily illness , Stress , Yearning to talk with free mind ,can come in weekdays between 6 pm to 8 pm . Counseling is absolute free as of now and this will be directly from Master Sivayogi.



Enlightened Guru Sivayogi Aiya waiting for you, expecting nothing but Trust from you. I summon those who are in need ,to utilize him . Truth is always truth.