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Happy Life

(Direct interaction from Enlightened Living master Sivayogi)


The World is experiencing varieties of changes .Change is the only thing that happens without any change. Even the way of living of humans is not an exception. In today’s world every human have to lead a complete life, learning new things and cooperating with it is necessary. Keeping this in mind “Happy Life” preaching course was started. It is conducted in second Saturday of every month from 8:45 am to 5:30 pm.


In this class, you will learn

·         You will find Answer for "Who you are ?"

·         Find solution for "How to live ?"

·         Find answer for "Why Suffering ?"

·         Analyze ways to life happy life

·         You will look reality of death and acccept happily.

·         Techniques of happy living without any practical difficulties.

·         Expose real truths

·         Liberate you from slavery,

·         Bury all your Guilt feeling,

·         Introduce you to yourself.

·         To live joyful life, Join and celebrate happiness.


Other information on this program: (highlight below points)

·         This class will be a complete interactive session with Enlightened Master Sivayogi, Participants are allowed to  ask any questions related to topics covered.

·         Lunch/Tea with Guru Sivayogi

·         Guru will make sure every participants understand the techniques and he will give examples based on individuals.

·         This is conducted at A/C Hall.Since it has only 50 seats Pre-booking is a mandatory.

·         Get ready for to meet real Guru! for one day !!


Same course will be scheduled in other centers in single day, Check schedule to find programs in other centers. Contact for more information and clarification.

If you wish to arrange this course in your location, contact us .This can be conducted in a single day.

Check Happy Life feedback videos ,on youtube.

Upcoming Events

  • Date:

    15 August 2020

  • Time:

    8:45 AM - 5:30 PM

  • Place:

    Yogakudil ChennaiView On Map

  • Fees

    Rs  5000